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Kasa Agaza Agmon

Kasa Agaza Agmon

Writer and Journalist

Kasa received a Keren Hanan Aynor scholarship in 2010-2011 toward her studies in creative writing at the University of Haifa. Today, Kasa is a writer for the well-known Hebrew-Amharic monthly magazine, Yediot Negat. In addition, she writes for several newspapers and online blogs.  

For Kasa, receiving a scholarship from Keren Hanan Aynor inspired her with hope. ״When I sat at the scholarship ceremony, and listened to scholarship recipients from 17 years ago speak, I was very moved,״ she remembers. ״It awakened within me a great pride in the many accomplishments of people from our community, and most of all it provided me with hope that I too am capable of learning and succeeding. My connection with Keren Hanan Aynor was always a personal one, and it has left me with the feeling that there are always people helping to guide me on my path.״ 

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