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Newsletter 38 – August 2022

Newsletter 38 – August 2022

David is straightforward, no nonsense and serious about his studies. He recounts his personal life story with few pauses only marking the successes with a slight change in tone. He is ultimately humble and confident in his identity, neither looking for praise nor external motivation. He speaks of his studies with an eloquence designed solely for those who understand this unique field. His curiosity about agriculture and modern-day developments stems from his worldly travels and the beginning of his journey. It was, in fact, in Ethiopia where he discovered the world of agronomy and plant health and became increasingly interested in sciences and the new developments in that area. He speaks of his research in mushrooms and “Ein Hatavas” as though it were the most natural of all things to study. Following his travels, and a period of employment in the aggro-tech industry, David decided to return to academia to pursue and master’s degree in an effort to advance himself and his professional career by making a meaningful contribution to the world of agriculture. David was born in Israel, the youngest of five siblings, all of whom were born and raised in Ethiopia. He remarks that he notices what he terms “a cultural gap” between himself and his siblings. He is the first in his family to attend university. He grew up in the southern town of Kiryat Malachi and from a young age was involved in youth groups there. Although his parents did not have a formal education in Israel per say, they always encouraged him and his siblings in scholastic endeavours. Following his matriculation exams, he attended a pre-military academy. He was accepted into an elite unit in the IDF and served proudly in the Duvdevan unit. Throughout these years, David was incredibly invested in volunteer work and giving back to the community. This was demonstrated not only by his military achievements, but through his work with youth at risk from various backgrounds as well. He accompanied them through their service through in depth psychological and emotional processes in an effort to have them re-join society in constructive and meaningful ways. David is grateful for the support he is receiving from the fund as it allows him time to solely concentrate on his studies. We at Keren Aynor, are incredibly proud and supportive of David’s ambition and incredible contributions to such a unique and significant field of study and wish him all the best in his future pursuits. We are happy to be a small part of his journey. We know he will go far!

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