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Newsletter 40 – October 2022

Newsletter 40 – October 2022

E. D. Bachelors in Public Health, Netanya, father of four.

E. is enthusiastic and dedicated to his studies.  He feels like Keren Hanan Aynor has given him a “second chance” to succeed.

E. made aliya from Ethiopia at the age of 5 in 1991 with his parents and three sisters.  He doesn’t personally recall the journey but does tell me of the hardships and loss his family endured losing both an uncle and cousin en route to Israel from  Sudan. 

When they settled at the Absorption centre in the Haifa area, E recalls being the facilitator between his parents and the new culture in Israel.  He learned Hebrew quickly, however he shares that during middle school he fell in with a “bad crowd” and dropped out of school. He recalls this as his dark time and regrets not being able to stay in classes.

Years later he rehabilitated himself with the help of a youth counsellor and the local neighbourhood social services who found him an afternoon therapeutic program.  Following his army service, he completed his matriculation exams and vowed to get his life back on track.  Unfortunately, during this time, his mother became ill and passed away and he was put in charge of helping his father care for his siblings.  He worked odd jobs and eventually married and began his own family.

Today, he is incredibly proud to be finishing his third year of his degree and hopes to continue on to a masters degree in the future.

Despite the numerous challenges he faced growing up, he tells me he feels that Keren Aynor’s scholarship has given him a new lease on life and a motivating push towards success.  He sees himself as a role model for his four children and works hard to “steer them on good path at school”.  He believes that it is through education that he will get ahead and looks forward to each academic year with the exuberance of a young boy.

We at Keren Aynor admire him for his positive attitude against all odds and are proud to be a positive influence as he continues with his studies at any age.

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