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Newsletter 36 – July 2021

Newsletter 36 – July 2021

Publication date: 25/07/2021

Announcing KHA scholarship applications dates for the 2021-22 academic year.

Dear Friends and Alumni,

Keren Hanan Aynor thanks you for your ongoing partnership and commitment to our work. We wish you and your family good health and a relaxing summer!

I set a goal and then I go after it!

Herut Desse Zerihun, age 30, lives in Hadera, married with one child
Second year MBA student at the Ruppin Academic College
Herut is enthusiastic, quick witted and motivated.  Her commitment to her degree, her family and her future success is palpable.  She is an optimist and won’t let anything stand in her way of moving ahead in life.
Herut was born and raised in Lod in central Israel.  Her parents made Aliya from Ethiopia in 1984 via Sudan.  She pauses to tell me their story – one rife with challenges and heart ache.  She is the eldest of five children and certainly admires her mother’s drive to make a better life for her children.  Her mother, married at 12 and then divorced later on, is a single mother who has instilled the value of a good education and hard work into her children.
After completing high school and becoming an officer in the Israeli Defence Forces, Herut headed straight to university with the goal of becoming a teacher. She got married and had one daughter and is looking to further grow their family this year.
It was during her employment in the telecommunications industry a few years back, that she began to focus her sights on a master’s degree in business administration.  She abandoned the idea of becoming a teacher and following the completion of her bachelor’s degree, enrolled in a vigorous MBA program.
Herut is not afraid of hard work and reminds me that in order to succeed she simply sets a goal and then goes after it!
Herut admits this past year was a challenging one with COVID restrictions and balancing her time as a mother, a wife, an employee and a student.  She thanks Keren Aynor for believing in her and for help supporting her as she works to achieve her MBA. We at Keren Aynor have every confidence she will succeed at whatever path she chooses!

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