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Thank Letters

Ma’ayan David

Ma’ayan David (24), student at the Sackler Faculty of Medicine at Tel Aviv UniversityThe Aynor Foundation transformed my studies in an intense program into a calmer and easier experience. The personal attention and care I receive is evident in every step I take in my academic studies.

Eden Isso

Eden Isso (25), undergraduate student of Computer Science at the Technion – Israel Institute of Technology“Amid all the stress and work load I experience as a student; the Aynor Foundation provides me with some breathing room and allows me to focus on succeeding at my studies. A huge thank you for your help!

Liraz Avera

Liraz Avera (25) theatre arts student at The Performing Arts Studio Founded by Yoram LoewensteinI want to thank the Aynor Foundation for their help, care and concern and most importantly, for their belief in me and my talent and in the profession I chose. This is not to be taken for granted and I am so appreciative. There is no doubt that this support plays a significant role in my future success and for that, I am grateful.

Alemitu Bayou

Alemitu Bayou (35), undergraduate student at the Multi-Disciplinary Program at Achva Academic CollegeI would like to thank the Aynor Foundation for their grant. After completing my army service I applied to the Ministry of Absorption (in Jerusalem) for help or a grant for undergraduate studies, but was turned away. My dream is to study nursing and work in the field. For that reason, at the age of 33, with two small children, I signed up for an undergraduate degree, this time with the help of the Aynor Foundation. With the Foundation’s help, I graduated successfully. I thank the Aynor Foundation and hope there is also help for retraining. Your support is so significant, and so many cannot get ahead without you. Thank you so very much!

Yaffa Zemna

Yaffa Zemna (33), graduate student of Clinical Psychology at Achva Academic CollegeWhen I felt that all the doors had been closed to me due to rigid criteria that do not allow opportunities for everyone, the Aynor Foundation was a benevolent, warm, and pleasant door that opened for me. The help they offered was individually tailored to me and my studies.

Mareg Eteynesh

Mareg Eteynesh (23), undergraduate student of Mechanical Engineering at the Sami Shamoon College of Engineering My name is Marag Eteynesh and I wanted to thank you for your donation which  enables me to focus on my studies and fully realize my potential, for which I am very grateful. My hope is to be able to give back some day.