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Newsletter 37 – August 2021

Newsletter 37 – August 2021

Publication date: 29/08/2021

We wish you and your family a Shana Tova – a Sweet New Year!

Dear Friends and Alumni,

Keren Hanan Aynor thanks you for your ongoing partnership and commitment to our work. We wish you and your family a Shana Tova – a Sweet New Year!

“In academia, I believe we should be equals!” N. T.
MBA program at Kiryat Ono College, age 44, married with four children
N is determined, enthusiastic and driven to succeed in an effort to move ahead in the development of her career.  Despite the challenges that this past year brought with it, including remote learning, raising small children and changes in her job, N will not let Covid challenges deter her from learning and completing her MBA. In our conversation, I was struck by N’s ability to firmly stand her ground and face challenges in her life with the utmost grace and humility.
N was born in Ethiopia and made Aliya in 1984 during Operation Moses at the tender age of 7.  She recalls her absorption process as smooth and relatively easy and attributes that positive experience to her young age and ability to learn Hebrew and integrate quickly. The family lived in a small town in Northern Israel, however N’s father dreamed of moving to Jerusalem and building their life there.  Several years later they moved to Jerusalem and following that, to a nearby Jerusalem suburb.  As a teen, N was a very good student and excelled in her studies.  In high school she majored in chemistry and completed her matriculation exams with very high grades.
N has fond memories of her interactions with Sarah Aynor twenty years ago and the warmth, caring and support she received from Keren Aynor at the time.  N was waiting for the right time to return to do a masters degree and is grateful to be receiving KHA support once again. She is very much enjoying her studies and is thrilled to be moving ahead with her career. She views academia as a place where all students should have equal opportunities – regardless of gender, race, ethnicity and age. She plans to apply for a civil service/ government position following the completion of her degree and is determined to climb the corporate ladder.  She feels a sense of accomplishment in her studies and is proud to be a role model to her children as they too will enter the academic world one day soon.  We, at KHA are proud of her ongoing commitment to her studies and recognize her amazing ability to juggle work, a masters degree and her children simultaneously.

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